About Me

Hello! My name is Kara Rexx (not really, but whatever). I’m from San Antonio, TX and relocated to Louisville, KY a few years ago for a stupid boy. We got married in October of 2017. I’m a senior security infrastructure analyst during the day, a general weirdo at night, and slang dresses in parking lots during the weekends. I hope to open a brick and mortar for Kara’s Atomic Boutique in 2018.

I have several hobbies. I collect comic books and action figures, cosplay, do some general crafting, and love to hike. I watch too many movies and eat too often. I cook pretty well and my specialty is international comfort food. I maintain a blog, The Metro Retro, where I feature local vintage, retro, and antique malls. I’m quite fond of my gadgets and like to stay on top of technology (it’s also part of my job..) I love classic American cars and Asian sports cars, I’ve a Nissan rocket ship of my own. I enjoy bourbon. I have a very expansive wardrobe, and I hope to share my reviews and styling tips here.

I hope you enjoy reading 8-bit pinup as much as I enjoy posting to it!
❤ Kara-Rexx

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