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Summer Blue Jewelry – Review 2

I stand by it… Summer Blue Jewelry makes the best reproduction fakelite necklaces. Hands down, no debate, this stuff reminds me exactly of the vintage pieces I covet but am too scared to buy. Vintage bakelite, especially pieces on a solid bakelite chain with charms, can get so expensive. And let’s be real, these things are 50+ years old. Regardless of how well you take care of it, those chains will break and you will lose your charms (I speak from personal experience here…) so repro seems the way to go. And Summer Blue does it right!

Did you know I loathe bananas? I absolutely loathe them, I don’t even like the sight of them. But this fruit salad set was too amazing to pass up. This one truly exudes bakelite beauty. Those bananas, no matter how much I try to hate them, look like real bakelite bananas I’ve seen on vintage pieces. All of the charms are sturdily fixed to a replica tortoiseshell chain. This piece is well designed, and the orange earrings really finish the look.

This next set really got me in to the holiday spirit! The black and gold leafs with beige jack-o-lanterns actually complements a wide range of colors, and I knew I could make a bunch of fun outfits with this jewelry. It came with a brooch as well, however I manhandled it apart on accident. There are no faults with the brooch, I just tried to bend something that wasn’t meant to bend. But that brings me to my next subject.

Summer Blues customer service is amazing. Something was forgotten on my order and was shipped to me the very next day. I also contacted them regarding the brooch to see if they had any repair recommendations, and they offered to fix it for me for the cost of supplies and shipping. That’s right, I didn’t have to completely repurchase the brooch I broke, they were cool enough to help me out. That’s some amazing service if you ask me!

Summer Blue has always been helpful and they ship quickly. I met the designer at Nashville Boogie where I purchased my first pieces (see the review here) and she was an absolute sweetheart. I asked her for tips on jewelry making and she gave me some great info without getting awkward as some artists (understandably!) do. That’s the reason I purchased so many pieces this time, I knew what quality to expect and her prices are very fair. This next set has been sitting in my wishlist forever and I figured it was a great time to buy it, I needed something colorful but it also lends itself to a darker look. I love the pastel gothy princess it turns me in to!

Sadly, her sets of red cherries sell out quickly so I haven’t been able to get my hands on a necklace, but I was able to get the earrings.

Every piece of Summer Blue Jewelry I own is well made and her designs are unique. I love how she isn’t just doing the same ol thing most designers are doing at the moment, she thinks outside the box while properly representing the style. I will be a long time customer, shes constantly cranking out something new and amazing. If only everything from her IG feed magically appeared on my jewelry table!!!

❤ Kara-Rexx

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