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Ladies of the High Tea Party – Summer Gathering

We’ve been planning this for months. Its been delayed several times due to scheduling conflicts but today is the day of our asian themed tea party. I woke up super excited, I already tested my recipes and picked out my outfit. I made spicy Thai style cucumber salad days before and planned to serve it on sesame crackers. I also practiced my shrimp cheese puffs but wasn’t sure what sauce to put on them. After I prepped them for the party, I baked up a couple to try out different glazes. My husband and I agreed that the oyster sauce was the way to go.

I dont have anything asian themed in my wardrobe, so I settled on my favorite dress from Heart of Haute. The weather has been mild lately so it seemed like a perfect time to pull out the fall colors, and I finally had all the right accessories to create an outfit I’ve had in mind forever.

Dress by Heart of Haute, shoes by Bait Footwear, hat and purse are vintage.

Bakelite is vintage.

Once a friend I was carpooling with arrived, it was time to go. I just needed to assemble my crackers and bake the cheese puffs for a few minutes when we got to our destination. I was quite happy with my presentation.

Once my puffs were done baking, we set the rest of the table and sat down to indulge.

Candy box from Lolli and Pops and rice puff rolls.

Ice cream and regular mochi along with home made macaroons.

The hostess received this tea set as a wedding gift from her grandmother, it was perfect for our party!

Cutest little tea pot!

I filled my plate high, several times.

The ladies couldn’t quite wait for photos to be taken of the setup. I don’t blame them!

A few ladies trickled in later and sadly I didn’t get a photo of their offerings but I assure you, everything was delicious! We had spring rolls and an amazing salad, and someone even brought some pink bubbly for afterwards.

The lovely hostess, looking beautiful in a Lindy Bop dress.

She was present at my bridal shower tea dinner, and we’ve been tea buddies ever since!

Photo of all the girls, minus me.

My friend Lisa went all the way with it, donning a genuine kimono.

I was able to get a photo with most of us before we all departed for the evening. It was a great time, and I can’t wait to do it again! We made plans to do one during the holidays, and I already have recipes in mind! I hope you enjoyed the second installment of the Ladies of the High Tea Party!

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