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The Vintage Fashion Challenge 2018

I’ve participated in #thevintagefashionchallenge for the last two years on Instagram and it’s a lot of fun. It forces me to either get creative every day or reflect on past outfits, as each day has a theme. Some days are outfit related, some of them are more of a ‘getting to know you’ post. This also allows you to learn more about the people you follow, I found other pinups who collect comic books and action figures, and a few fellow cosplayers!

Day 1 – You in a nutshell

My name is Kara-Rexx. I own a vintage inspired boutique called Kara’s Atomic Boutique and manage two blogs, and I collect all sorts of vintage… swung vases, hats and purses, bake ware and dishes, and other random knickknacks. I also collect action figures, Funko pops, and comic books. I’m happiest on the hiking trail but I haven’t been in a while. I cosplay on occasion and my next convention will be the St. Louis Comic Con in June.

I choose to live a vintage life because it reminds me of something simple and beautiful. The style, design, and durability of vintage items cant be beat. I have furniture and clothes from the 50s in better shape than any modern item I’ve ever owned.

Day 2 – Heritage and roots

My culture, heritage, and family have nothing to do with my style. I do vaguely remember my grandmothers owning vintage bakeware so when I came across it during my first trip to an antique mall, it reminded me of their kitchens and all the delicious baked goods that came out of them (my inner fat girl knows her priorities). Unfortunately, since my grandparents wore and decorated their homes more modern, I didn’t get any of those hand me downs and treasures from my family that a lot of other women are lucky enough to get. I had to find this vintage lifestyle on my own.

Day 3 – Era

I have a pretty eclectic style and like to mix eras. I find that most of my shoes are made after 60s styles, while I tend to wear 40s and 50s clothing, and my vintage accessories range from the 20s-70s. My home is the same mix, I have art deco items in my boudoir, while my living room is more mid century modern, and the kitchen is diner themed.

Day 4 – People and places

Luckily social media connected me with Jupiter Gimlet and janna.michelle, but I’m not a part of any local scene. to my knowledge there are no events, Beatersville seems to be the only thing that brings all the ladies out. We do however have the Limbo Tiki Bar, I like to get dressed up and go have a couple tasty drinks.

Day 5 – Where are you, where have you been

The left is a photo from 2011, maybe 2012, at Viva when I first started down this vintage path. The right is a picture from my birthday/honeymoon last year, also in Vegas. As you can tell, my clothes haven’t changed much, but I’m a lot less ‘punk pinup’ and I no longer dye my hair pink and turquoise. I try to incorporate more true vintage accessories in to my outfit.

Day 6 – Your other side

I enjoy cosplaying and dressing up for Halloween when I’m not pinned up. Here are a few of my favorite characters over the years. I’m wearing a custom super spy dress from Heart of Haute in each of these photos, adding a little vintage flair to my costume.

The first photos is my Lady Deadpool, tactical gear and air soft weapons and all… the second is my Uhura, I made the communicator and scanner out of an old cellphone and headset. The final one is my Lana Kane, complete with TEC-9s. I’m planning an anime cosplay for the St. Louis comic con.

Day 6 – Your other side #2

I collect action figures. My collection includes Spawn (mostly my favorite character, the clown/violator), Starwars, TMNT (especially Mikey) the Joker, Aquaman, Powergirl, Startrek, and a nice little horror section.

Day 7 – Red

Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes by Bait Footwear, cardigan by Vivien of Holloway.

Day 8 – Orange or yellow

Why not both? Outfit by Pinup Girl Clothing, Shoes by Bait Footwear, scarf is vintage.

Day 9 – Green

I don’t own a lot of green clothing, it’s one of my least favorite colors and with my skin tone I have to be careful, so I tend to avoid the color all together. But I do love a good plaid. Here is one of my favorite winter dresses. Dress by Collectif, shoes by Bait Footwear, hat is vintage.

Day 10 – Blue

This is my favorite blue dress. Dress by Hellbunny, shoes by Bait Foowear, hat, cape, bakelite, and purse are vintage.

Day 11 – Purple

Dress and petticoat by Hellbunny, purse by Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes by Bait Footwear.

Day 12 – black and white

As a recovering goth, I don’t own a bunch of black and white clothing. But I do love this festive outfit by Hellbunny. Shoes by Bait Footwear.

Day 13 – Everything else

I wasn’t too sure what “everything else” referred to… so this is what you get! Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, boots by Rocket Dog.

Day 14 – Hair

I don’t bother with vintage hairstyles at the moment, my hair is too long and curly to manage so I didn’t participate on this day. I’m planning on getting a really short middy cut within the next couple months and I’m excited to start playing around with my hair again! For now I’ll just stick to my bang roll and bun, and of course put a hat on it any time possible! Speaking of hats…

Day 15 – Headwear

One could say I own a lot of vintage hats. Here is my full collection!

Day 16 – Necessitates

It’s been said so many times but it’s true for me as well. The one thing I can’t go without is my red lipstick. These are the two I switch between depending on my mood and outfit, Besame Cosmetics Red Hot Red and Narsissist velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella.

Day 17 – Accessories

This one was hard. I’ve got a lot of accessories, and I cherish them all but I figured by Bakelite and Lucite collections were best to share.

Day 18 – Deails

I love how all the little details come together to make this outfit. Dress by Heart of Haute, jewelry by Bow and Crossbones, foundations by What Katie Did, shoes by Bait Footwear, jacket by Vivien of Holloway, hat is vintage.

Day 19 – Shoes

I have a massive collection of Bait Footwear. Here are a few of my favorite pairs.

Day 20 – Finishing touches

My favorite finishing touches are my vintage Christian Roth glasses and my gold hoops from Bow and Crossbones. I like how they almost match, such a great addition to many outfits.

Day 21 – missing pieces

I can’t wait until this dress is available again, which according to Collectif, will be by the end of summer.

Day 22 – Icons

I’m a huge twilight zone fan, I remember watching the original series as a child and not only being captivated by the story, but also the fashion and scenery. My love of the 40s-60s is heavily influenced by this show!

Day 23 – Got away

This dress by Tatyana Boutique is the secret lover that got away. I’ve scoured the internet for this beauty for the better part of a decade! Finding a dress with multi colored and different sized bubbles is a life long goal of mine.

Update! Due to the magic of socialmedia, this dress will be mine! After posting this, someone left me a comment saying they saw it, in my size, on Poshmark! I’ve never used this website before, I hope my order goes well. I will soon be in possession of the one that got away!

Day 24 – Eye candy

I took this a little literal. Here are the top 5 vintage frames on my Etsy wishlist. Finding vintage glasses in my size is difficult so I’ll probably never own these, but I can dream!

Day 25 – Inspiration

I live somewhere in between.

Day 26 – Love to borrow

If I could, I’d borrow these Bait footwear boots. I dont have much of a need for them, hence why I dont own them, but they would be perfect for cosplaying!

Day 27 – Holy Grail

My holy grails are my vintage compact sets, I only use them on the most special of occasions and they are filled with my favorite makeup. The one with pearls comes with a powder compact, a wallet, and a lipstickholder. The mother of pearl has a comb, pill case, and powder compact.

Day 28 – On second thought

I’m not sure what the theme of this day was supposed to mean. I didn’t re wear any of my outfits throughout the month so I didn’t participate in this day.

Day 29 – Discoveries

I discovered quite a few ladies in to things beyond the pinup world. I saw a lot of great vintage, costumes, and toys during this challenge. It was nice to see another layer of each person in the community.

Day 30 – Favorite anything

My favorite anything would have to be the dress I scored with the help of a beautiful and sweet soul on Instagram. It was my first Poshmark purchase and arrived super fast with a handwritten thank you note. Here it is! I can’t believe what a deal I paid on my unicorn! Dress by Tatyana Boutique.

Day 31 – One last thing

I really enjoyed this challenge, it gave me a little something to do each day and I kind of wish it didn’t end! I can’t wait to participate again next year.

❤ Kara-Rexx

3 thoughts on “The Vintage Fashion Challenge 2018

  1. Love this post, and love you! It was awesome learning more about you, Kara and I was so happy for you at the end when your dream dress arrived! 🙂 It looks beautiful on you!

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