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I went to Nashville but I didn’t Boogie

I attended Nashville Boogie with a couple of friends. Well, kind of. We drove down to Nashville on Wednesday evening and had to leave Saturday morning in order for me to get back to Louisville in time for a car show my boutique was sponsoring. Events like the fashion show and pinup pageant were on Saturday afternoon, so we would have to miss them. None of us were really interested in country or rockabilly music so we skipped all of the shows, and I was already scheduled to work a car show so I had no desire to attend that either. So we pretty much only hit up the vintage market on Friday, which was nice, but not what I expected. There weren’t nearly as many vendors as I thought there would be, but I still found a lot of nice things.

Yep, that was the extent of my Boogie experience. Actually, I take that back, I did chill at the rained out pool party Friday afternoon, lol. We did some vintage shopping around town Thursday, here are my finds throughout the trip!

My outfit Thursday, dress by Heart of Haute, shoes by Bait Footwear, hat and bakelite are vintage.

I purchased these glasses at a shop called the Hip Zipper in Nashville, I can’t wait to get them filled with my prescription!

Leave it to me to go vintage shopping and find old action figures. IG-88 is one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

I also found this amazing vintage shell compact, I’ll be filling it with my favorite powder.

I picked up this vintage dress in a shop called Pre to Post Modern. Its hard to tell but it has reversible pindots on it. Shoes by Bait Footwear, hat, bakelite earrings, and purse are vintage.  

My Friday outfit. Dress was custom made. Shoes by Bait Footwear. Hat and bakelite accessories are vintage.

I purchased a swung vase from the vintage market at Nashville boogie, its become one of my favorites!

Fakelite by Summer Blue Jewelry. 

Brooch by Erstwilder.

New Voodoo Vixen dress and vintage wicker purse purchased at the market. Hat is vintage.

I also purchased a yellow bakelite necklace and some Suavecito pomade that I’m excited to try out.

When it comes down to it, Boogie just isn’t for me. I preferred Viva Las Vegas, there was always something going on and the shopping was amazing!

❤ Kara-Rexx

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