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The Swung vase – an installment of shit I collect

During my recent trip to Austin, I picked up 3 new vintage vases, the kind with the ‘melty’ tops. I figured it was time to thoroughly research these vases, as I have amassed a small collection and had no idea what they were actually called. There isn’t a lot of info on these vases, but luckily fellow bloggers have taken the time to write posts on them. After reading these posts, I was compelled to write an entry of my own, along with my first installment of “shit I collect”.

If you are unfamiliar with the swung vase, this is what I learned. They are made by taking flame glass and literally swinging it to stretch the neck. This also results in a ‘melty’ looking opening, which is what draws me to these vases. These vases were popular in the 50s-70s, and are an interpretation of vases made in the 1800s. They range in size from 6″ to over 40″. The average price is between $15 and $30, although the 40″ ones can cost over $150. Popular designers of these vases include L.E. Smith Glass Co. and Viking Art Glass Co. They are commonly mislabeled as stretch vases. Here is my little collection that I’m quite proud of.

You can find at least one of these beauties at almost any antique shop or peddlers mall. I look forward to finding more and adding them to my collection.

❤ Kara-Rexx

One thought on “The Swung vase – an installment of shit I collect

  1. Hi Kara, do you have an e-mail I could reach you on? I wasn’t able to find any on the blog, would love to hear if you’re open to collab? You’re also more than welcome to write directly to me on if you don’t want to publish your e-mail here in the comments 🙂

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