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First meeting of the Ladies of the High Tea Party

My Mother in law took some friends of mine and I to a tea parlor for my bridal shower and I’ve been dying to host a party myself. We’ve been talking about it since October, and finally got around to throwing one! What to wear wasn’t even a question… I had the perfect dress, the 1940s Tea Day Dress by Vivien of Holloway.

My recently purchased Bakelite bangle goes perfect with this dress!

I acquired this 1940s Bavarian Starburst china when I first moved to Louisville 4 years ago, it was literally the first thing I bought for my home. But due to its delicate nature, I never dared to use it until I had a fancy enough event to warrant it. Today seemed like the perfect day.

I found this 1950s 3-tiered serving tray on Etsy, it doesn’t match my china but I love anything with starbursts!

The most exciting part of the party was setting up actually. It was fun to watch it all come together as we placed our little snacks on the table with care. It was so aesthetically pleasing.

My friend Beth made these delicious fancy strawberries.

Beth and Lauren also made the macaroons, I purchased the vanilla cheese cake and made pimento cheese sandwiches, while Tonya and Courtney made cucumber and Benedictine respectively.

Courtney really dressed for the party, this outfit use to belong to her grandmother.

Needless to say, the first meeting of the Ladies of the High Tea Party was an absolute success. We drank tons of tea, ate way too much sugar, and giggled our asses off for a couple hours. It was an amazing Sunday afternoon!

We actually began planning our next few parties before this one even happened! Our next will be Asian themed and I plan to make candied ginger and mandarin glaze scones, Beth is making mochi. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

Cheers, from the Ladies of the High Tea Party!


❤ Kara-Rexx

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