Where you at – 2018 edition

Last year I wrote a blog post called Where You At – 2017 edition. I figure I’ll keep it going and take some time off from pretty things to talk about life. Because boy, did life happen last year.

I began the year enthusiastic to continue my business at Kara’s Atomic Boutique. However, when I went to get a business loan I realized I had screwed myself. You see… you have about a month or so to get a business loan after you get apply for an LLC and are issued a license. I thought if I established myself and had some experience under my belt, it would all work in my favor when I went to apply. Oh was I wrong. I wasn’t even able to get a line of credit because I don’t work enough days a month to generate any real revenue. I was told I have more options after 2 years of operation which is coming up soon, so hopefully I can get a store front in the Spring time!

I worked the Street Rod Nationals this year and had my first negative show. I was surrounded in the section called ‘Womens World’ where the only clothes that were sold were lulu lemon and the such. And there were so many Christmas crafts (it was May for Petes sake!!!). I stuck out like a sore thumb and didn’t do very well at all. I was actually shocked by how poorly I did in 4 days. What a learning experience. I did better at Beatersville than I did the year before thanks to a good friend of mine modeling my bathingsuits, so the year wasn’t a complete bust. I have put pop-ups on the back burner until I sort out my business financials.

I caught some weird disease, Necrotizing sialometaplasia to be specific. Don’t look it up, its nasty. I’ll just explain that my entire soft pallet turned necrotic and took about 6 months to grow back. Its my understanding I did nothing to bring it on. I was only able to eat mashed potatoes for a couple months, and nothing but super soft foods for a few months afterwards. Needless to say, summer kinda sucked.

Then fall came. And with it came an insane amount of drama. Our wedding was planned for October 14th, but due to a bunch of family bullshit, (without going in to detail) the wedding was canceled and we had a small ceremony alone in the park on Friday the 13th. We went to Las Vegas instead of Burlington and didn’t have a bad time but it could have been better.

I lost about 25lbs due to all of the stress throughout the year (best diet plan ever, stress and disease). But Fall and Winter have been quite nice so far. I’m hopeful for my business, I’m excited about my blog. I’ve really enjoyed taking cleaner photos in the studio, and I feel like I learn more about self photography every shoot.

Sorry to have been a bummer, but its just an update on the life of this blogger. Stay tuned for more reviews and cute pics.

❤ Kara Rexx

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