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Easy Home Photo Studio Setup

I’ve wanted to take photos for my business on a white screen to make them seem a little more professional for a long time. My old apartment just didn’t have the space. My fiancee and I moved in with each other about 4 months ago, I took the upstairs for my boudoir, and my fiancee took the basement for band practice and a chill space. He plays psychedelic rock and we want to host house shows, and he really wants to project groovy videos while he jams out. If I could just convince him to use my studio backdrop as a projector screen, I might just be able to take over a corner of the basement.

It was a little daunting figuring out what equipment to get. I am not a photographer. I simply take photos for work and blogging. A few searches on eBay and I eventually figured out what items I wanted. 3 backdrops (white, black, and green), a stand for the back drops, and some photo lights to provide more natural lighting in my basement. I was able to find a bundle that contained all of these things, and I thought it was perfect, and for $60, it seemed too good to be true. It was…

Photo equipment

This bundle I purchased came with backdrops alright. They were 5 x 9. I don’t know how familiar you are with Instagram, but they mostly only accept square photos. There are ways to get a rectangle to work, but its tedious and half of the time crops off part of my body anyway. So I need a square. I am over 5 feet tall, so clearly I wouldn’t be able to crop a square that showed my entire body with a 5 x 9 backdrop. I was annoyed, but its only a slight setback. I searched Amazon for a 6 x 9 white backdrop and found one for about $14. You can find the stand kit and the lights separately as well on Amazon.


As for the camera, I purchased a bundle a few years ago that included a cannon Ti3i Rebel, a tripod, 4 lenses and filters, and several other accessories for about $300-400. Here is something similar. I purchased a remote at Best Buy for under $20, but you may be able to find a bundle that includes one. It takes a little bit of time to figure out these cameras if you haven’t used one before but You Tube offers several tutorials on how to use the basic settings and the creative mode if you’d like to get a little more out of your photos.

This entire setup took about 15 minutes, I was shocked how easy the stand and lights were to put together! It took a little practice to figure where the best place was to put the lights in order to get the desired shadow (or lack there of), but youtube will help you with that. I hope this post has helped you understand what you need for a basic photo studio setup. Please remember I am not a photographer and you should shop around, I just provided examples so you know what to look for. Happy shooting!

❤ Kara-Rexx


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