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Favorite outfits of the month – August

I’m super late on this one, life has been… interesting?! But I’ve put together a post including all of my favorite outfits from last month. I hope to make this a monthly thing. So… here we go!


Top by Pinup Girl Clothing. Pants by Collectif.


Dress from Hellbunny. Scarf is vintage. 3

Outfit from Pinup Girl Clothing. Shoes by Bait Footwear.


Top by Vixen by Michelline Pit, pants from Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes are Chucks. 5

Dress and purse by Sourpuss Clothing, bolero by Steady Clothing. Hair scarf is vintage. 6

Outfit by Vivien of Holloway, shoes by Bait Footwear. 7

top is vintage, skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes by Bait Footware.8

Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. 9

top by Vivien of Holloway, skirt by Steady clothing, Shoes by Bait Footwear, hat and bowtie are vintage. 10

Outfit by Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes by Bait.

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