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Rago – A Review

I’ve been collecting Rago shapewear for a few years now. The very first piece I bought was at Viva when I came across their booth. It was this piece, and I’ve been in love ever since.

This body shaper is comfortable and flattering. It comes in several colors to suit your taste. This is virtually impossible to see under your clothing, proving a clean, smooth vintage look. The bra cups are soft and wireless, giving a slight conical look without being a full on bullet bra.

The next pieces I bought were these high-waisted panties, they use to be on sale frequently when I shopped with Modcloth. Now you can find them on sites such as Unique Vintage and Secrets In Lace. These panties provide a surprising amount of support while remaining comfortable. And the waist band doesn’t roll down as some high-waisted garments do. They come in several different colors.

The next panties I want to review provide quite a bit more support. As with most firm shapewear, these are difficult go get on. But once you do, you can kiss your tummy rolls goodbye. They have removable garter clips, BONUS!!!

I’m honestly not sure why I bought this next piece. Don’t get me wrong, its a quality item but I don’t find many occasions to wear it. These leg shapers are comfortable and flattering, and as with most Rago items they are almost invisible under clothes! It also has garter clips.

I wear this girdle very often and have purchased several over the years. Its soft, comfortable, and provides the perfect hourglass shape! The garter clips are removable.

This Rago garter belt matches most of their items and like the rest, is high quality and comfortable.

Last I will review my favorite item, this high-waisted girdle. I have a short waist and it sits right underneath my bra, making a sleek silhouette. The garter clips are not removable, but that’s the only negative thing I have to say. I can not stress how much I love this and how great I feel in it.

In conclusion, Rago is one of my favorite companies for vintage reproduction shapewear. You can find their whole line on SILs website. Affordable, durable, and flattering, this shapewear is a great investment.

❤ Kara-Rexx

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