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Putting Myself Out There – SIL Review

I’ve been in need of a good strapless bra for a while now, but its become impossible to find anything functional in my size. This need grew stronger when I received my custom wedding dress, an off the shoulder number of golden yellow and burgundy tolie. I wanted something with support and a little bit of shaping as my dress fits, but barely. I figured a longline bra would cover all bases, but I’ve purchased a couple previously and they weren’t comfortable or flattering.

I’ve been following Secrets In Lace for a couple years now, they are one of the most popular designers of vintage reproduction lingerie. Their longline bras look so gorgeous on the models that I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one in white, along with some high-waisted panties. Let me tell you, this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made!!! I’m so happy with this purchase, I was inspired to put myself out there and make my very first foundation wear post!

I’m very short-waisted and longline bras tend to hit me in all the wrong places. This one surprisingly comes down right above my bellybutton and gives me the illusion of having hips.

This bra is one of the few I’ve ever worn that provide such support on the sides, there isn’t any spillover, even being strapless! I’m wearing a 36DDD here, and the fit is perfect.

The back comes up at an appropriate height, you wont experience any backroll issues and the silhouette provided is amazing!

The bra has vertical boning in the front and back, providing clean lines under your best dresses without pinching.

One of the secrets of this bra is the lack of wiring. instead, the bra has two straps that cradle your breasts perfectly.

This is hands down the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. After several hours, it feels like you aren’t even wearing a bra at all. I can’t wait to purchase more items from SIL!

❤ Kara-Rexx

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