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Bésame Cosmetics – A Review of Modern Vintage Makeup

I see photos all over Instagram of Bésame cosmetics fans raving over their products. If you haven’t heard of them, Bésame makes vintage inspired makeup including lipsticks in classic colors and cake mascara. I decided to try both.

I opted for their lipstick in Red Hot Red, a bold warm red with yellow tones reminiscent of a shade made in 1959. I’m happy with application, only one coat was needed. Its a smooth matte finish. It does transfer a wee bit (as most lipsticks) but the color stays pretty well. I’m extremely happy with this fire engine red.

Next, and more interestingly, is the cake mascara. If you have never used cake mascara, allow me to introduce you to the wave of the…. past?!

The packaging is super cute and it comes with an applicator that looks like a toothbrush.

I suggest using a mascara wand or an eyebrow spoolie for a smoother application, but the brush provided will work.

You’ll need a drop or two of water, not much is needed to get going. Its a little odd at first, but once you’re set up its pretty much like any normal mascara.

you can see the right eye has not been touched, and the left has 3 coats of mascara.

This is one of the few mascaras that you can truly build on without clumping. I find that it looks more natural than others, but I’d be much happier if it were waterproof.

The best part about cake mascara?! You can use it for multiple things… mascara, brow filler, and even eyeliner!I haven’t had a chance to wear this mascara out all day, I’ll update my review later this weekend to chime in on the staying power of this product.

9-8-17 update! I do find this mascara intriguing but I haven’t tried to apply it since this initial post. I have very oily skin and this product may not work for me. I spent two days rubbing it out of my eyes after using good makeup remover. I won’t be returning it, I’ll just use it very sparingly as I don’t wear mascara very often anyways. Hope this update is helpful.

❤ Kara-Rexx

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