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But Another Innocent Tale

Bait Footwear makes the best vintage reproduction shoes, hands down. All shoes are made of vegan leather. Great attention to detail has been paid to each pair, and the designs resemble the era while providing a little bit of unique flair. The quality is amazing; I have a pair I’ve worn almost daily for the last 3 years and they barely show any wear. They make everything from retro sandals to go-go boots, wingtips to candy-coated platforms, anything from yesteryear in every color you could hope for. I’m honestly unsure why I haven’t featured them yet since almost every pair of shoes I own are made by this company.

Jonie in Dijon

Bait doesn’t have sales very often. Their sale selection always has a deal or two, but a store wide sale? Until now it had only come once a year. However, this year they decided to observe ‘Christmas in July’. I have no idea what the holiday is or how it began but I’ll gladly accept 30% off my favorite shoes! I bought almost every pair I wanted that was available in my size.

Sandra Lilac

I cant speak for sizing, because my feet are a little weird. I broke my leg a few years ago and my right foot is the slightest bit longer than my left. Its hard to tell whether or not I need to size up, but that has nothing to do with the company. They sell some half sizes in many styles, sadly they do not sell 9.5 and I feel like I’m right in between a 9 and a 10 these days. However they are one of the few boutique shoe companies that offer size 11!

May Cream

Due to the nature of vegan leather, most pairs are a little hard to break in, but when you do they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. I suggest wearing at a minimum 1 pair of hiking socks or ‘lotion socks’ for several hours a day for a couple days to loosen them up, otherwise you will have horrible blisters.

Robbie Nude

Thanks to my leg injury, I have to be careful in heels these days, 6-inch sky high stilettos are no longer an option. Luckily Bait offers plenty of options to suit everyones preference. I’m a fan of the wedge and kitten-heel, but my 3 inch sandals are just as comfortable!

Hilda Tan

launched in 2011, Bait has quickly become a favorite in the vintage community. Search the tag #baitfootwearbabe and you’ll find thousands of photos of retro babes proudly styling their favorite footwear. I’ve personally spent the last few months replacing every shoe in my closet with a fresh pair of Bait.

Hippy Cranberry Red

If you reside in the Long Beach area of CA, you are luckily enough to be within driving distance to their flagship store. However you can order online as well. Shipping is fast and easy and often FREE!!! Exchanges and returns within 30 days are easy as well, but sale items are excluded.

Wanda Rose Pink

Needless to say, I’m hooked! I have a pair to go with every outfit in my closet, and even though each style is available in many colors, its also easy to explore the rainbow without duplicate styles. I think every babe deserves a pair of Bait shoes, but be warned, once you get a pair you will absolutely want several more!

❤ Kara-Rexx

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