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Estate Sale Redo…

Yesterday morning I work up early to give this estate sale thing another whirl. I tried a few weeks ago and it was a complete bust! But this time I was organized, I researched the local paper and Craigslist to find places and times, and some of them provided little descriptions of what was available. I was most excited to visit a home which mentioned a mid century modern kitchen set. I’m happy with my Formica and chrome set, but where there is one mcm item, there is sure to be more.

Dress by Sourpuss Clothing, shoes by Bait Footwear, purse by Tatyana Boutique.

The home owner of the first estate sale I went to happened to have the same size feet as me, so I managed to get my first pair of vintage shoes. She also had great taste in hats and purses, so I added a new hat and beaded purse to my collections. I also found a Corningware broiling dish in corn flower.

The second sale I visited was run by Rays estate sales. I made a killing at this one! I found my very first gooseberry Pyrex in pink!

I also found a ‘new’ couch. My fiancee says my current 60 year old bamboo furniture is uncomfortable, and he broke the couch a few weeks ago so getting a new one had become top priority.

(You can see my old couch in the background. I’m happy there is space in the office for it because it’s going to be really hard for me to get rid of it.)

The new couch is indeed more comfortable though. It’s the most lovely golden yellow and a steal at $95.

When we went to pick up the couch the next day, we wandered through house one more time and I found this lovely Pyrex fridge set in the basement!

Needless to say, I feel a little more confident in my estate sale shopping skills. I joined Rays mailing list and look forward to attending all of his sales!

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