Where you at – 2017 edition

I wrote a blog post a couple years ago more personal than others entitled “Where you at”. It summed up my life since I moved to Louisville 4 years ago, the ups and downs and the plan forward. I found it this morning while scrolling through old posts and thought it was a good time to give an update.

I was promoted at my job, now I’m a senior security analyst… a super fancy way of saying I keep yo shit safe online. I still work from home and I appreciate it more and more each day. I’m afforded the time to get a few other things done before my shift, I work from noon to 9pm so I have plenty of time to run errands, write, practice my bass, play some video games, clean the house, craft, all that nonsense. I also have a few spare minutes between tasks to tend to other things since I don’t have a supervisor demanding my full attention when there isn’t anything to do. Luckily my supervisor is a friend of mine, so as long as I get stuff done no one bothers me.

I began a new venture last year, Kara’s Atomic Boutique – Louisville’s first pop-up shop specializing in vintage and pinup clothing. That’s right… I’m a pop-up shop! I work events like the Flea off Market (our local monthly flea market, located on Market street of course) and car shows. My daily sales are pretty good considering I’m slanging dresses in parking lots for only a few days each month. I hope to open a store front this time next year. Again, I’m thankful for my corporate job providing me the time and money to do what I want in my spare time. That safety net is comforting.

I’m engaged! My fiancee proposed to me on my birthday in 2015. Our wedding is October 14th of this year. Its a small ceremony with only 20 of our closest friends and family, and the reception has only 50 guests of extended family. Its not a traditional wedding, as we are not traditional people. We are having the ceremony at a lake in Indiana, and a shrimp boil at Magnolia bar where my fiancee moonlights on the weekends for the reception and after party. We will honeymoon in Burlington VT. I went there a few years ago for work and ended up there during my birthday. The scenery was beautiful and the city is warm and welcoming. I had a blast and want to experience that again with my Fiancee.

On to the deep shit. I’ve taken an extended break from yoga, mostly because I haven’t been motivated, but I also cant seem to find the time. In the meantime I’ve gained about 20lbs. Its a little frustrating that my favorite clothes are snug or don’t fit at all, but I was able to buy some clothes to wear that fit my current size. This isn’t a bad thing. I mean, I’m a little discouraged when an outfit doesn’t work but I just change my clothes and go on about my day. I’m not ashamed of my size anymore, I’ve grown pretty fond of my body actually. I don’t know what gaining weight had to do with this altered mind set. I think its because I’ve finally gotten the mental health assistance I’ve always needed. I may look all grins and happy on social media, but I, like many of you, have some problems that consume us offline. We all present our best self in those photos, but it doesn’t tell you who that person really is and what they are going through. I have my moments but each day gets a little easier. My fiancee and I moved in with each other a couple months ago, and much to my surprise I haven’t chopped him up in to little bits. That’s an inside joke, please don’t call the cops on me 😀 I miss my friends from Texas but luckily most of them are coming up for my wedding. And that’s been life! If you made it this far, thank you for reading. Hope yall are well, please say hi in the comments!

❤ Kara-Rexx


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