A Stroll Through the Derby City Antique Mall

Today I visited the Derby City Antique Mall. I was able to snap plenty of pics for The Metro Retro and found a few treasures of my own.

I started off the day in one of my favorite and most comfy combos.


Top by Trashy Diva, skirt and shoes from Modcloth. Purse, bakelite, and hat are vintage.

My fiancee waited in the car while I slowly examined each and every room, showcase, and little nook. You’ll find everything from vintage hats to vintage medical equipment.


Vintage hat from the Derby City Antique Mall


I found a sea shell lamp a couple years ago in a vintage shop in Chicago, but I didn’t have the money for it and it wasn’t in the best condition. Today I was lucky enough to find another one for only $13!!


This Campbells diner soup bowl is covered in my favorite shapes, I couldn’t leave it behind!


My mother in law collects Pyrex fridge sets, so I’ve bought a few in the last couple years. However, I never bought any for myself! Here I have two primary blue fridge containers, too pretty to use and such a steal!!


I’ve been stocking up on hankies, most of mine are covered in lipstick stains!!! These hand embroidered hankies were $1 each, and there are more in stock than you can count.


I’ve been collecting different utility and bar carts for displays lately. This cart was a steal at $18, marked down from $45.

Read my blog titled Featuring – Derby City Antique Mall at The Metro Retro to see all of the amazing things that I DIDN’T buy 🙂 their prices are fair and the staff is friendly and helpful. The Derby City Antique Mall is absolutely one of my favorite places in town.

❤ Kara-Rexx



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