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Office Chic by Vivien of Holloway

I purchased the Swagger jacket by Vivien of Holloway a few weeks ago. I was intrigued by the jackets, but not enough to purchase them on their own. No… I bought it after I saw their ‘coming soon’ section, I snatched up two as soon as I could.


That’s right, they released lined skirts that match! I wrote about the Swagger Jacket a couple weeks ago, and now that I have the skirts I can complete my review. The Cherry set is a beautiful deep purpley-red with great detail in the stitching.


The swagger jacket runs really large, I’d suggest sizing down personally, but if you need to layer a lot I can understand needing a bunch of extra room. The cuffs and collar make this jacket even more special, its all the little things paid great attention to that makes me love this jacket.


Next, lets talk about the skirt. Its lined and made out of the same poly-wool material. These skirts run very true to size. The green dogs tooth set is probably my favorite.


I’m very happy I was able to get these before they were gone. As usual with VOH, they produce so few of each item and sell out very quickly. There were a couple more jackets I was interested in however they sold out within days. The skirts sold out by the end of the day they were released. I made the mistake of sleeping through the stock update notification and the green dogs tooth was gone in my size within a couple hours!!!! I purchased it in the size down, it barely fits so I hope to get it altered. Regardless, VOH is my new favorite company, and these sets are the reason why! For once I look forward to going in to the office!

❤ Kara-Rexx

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