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Button Down Heaven

As I’ve said several times at this point, I finally placed an order with Vivien of Holloway, and I’ve found one of my new favorite brands. I wanted some tops that would work with business casual outfits, while still suiting my style. I needed some tops for colder weather, so I ordered some Raglan blouses.

I have a hard time with button down tops. My bust is 43 and my waist is currently 34.5 inches. Gaping is a frequent problem for me if I want a top to fit my waist. I wanted to make sure these shirts fit me properly, and luckily VOH sizes by your measurements. I ordered the 44-36, thinking I’d only have an inch of extra space,  however these tops are looser on me than I expected them to be.

IMG_4911.JPGTop by Vivien of Holloway, dungarees by Collectif, shoes by Bait Footwear


I plan on tucking them in all the time, however I am in the process of losing a couple inches so eventually these tops will need to be altered.

IMG_4917.JPGtop by VOH, skirt from Modcloth, shows by Bait footwear 


Regardless – I am in love with these tops. The detail and quality is amazing.

IMG_4921.JPGtop by VOH, skirt from Modcloth, shoes by Bait Footwear. 


As with most VOH blouses, they are available in about 30 colors and patterns!

IMG_4924.JPGtop by VOH, trousers by Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes by Bait Footwear


Even though these tops are a size bigger than expected, I am very happy with my purchase. These tops work for casual and business situations!

IMG_4931.JPGtop by VOH, trousers by Pinup Girl Clothing. Shoes by Bait Footwear.

Fair warning – if you are interested in any of these blouses (or really anything from VOH) you need to act quickly and purchase! They produce so few they run out of stock quickly, and once a style is gone, its often gone forever!

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