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Vivien of Holloway Haul 2-16

I finally placed an order with Vivien of Holloway. I placed a huge order because I didn’t want to pay a bunch in shipping later, so I pretty much bought everything on their website I wanted. My packages have slowly been trickling in all week, here is what I got today.

I purchased this Sarong dress in two colors, red and green.

Dress by Vivien of Holloway. Shoes are Bait Footwear. Hat is vintage. 

The green satin is a little darker than expected, but its gorgeous none the less.

To my delight, these dresses have boning that not only gives you great shape, but also is supportive enough to go braless. I should note that the Sateen dresses have less stretch than the Satin ones. But the best part, they COME WITH BOLEROS! That’s right.. you don’t have to buy one! I wish I would have understood that but hey, I have an extra beautiful bolero in my closet. These Sarong dresses come in every color and print you could want, in both Satin and Sateen. I highly recommend these babies, they are comfortable, classy, and sexy.

❤ Kara-Rexx

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