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Dream Jeans

I recently placed my first order with Collectif during their massive 50% off sale. Too bad if you missed out on it, because I made out like a bandit. I have a few Collectif pieces, but I think I got most of them from Unique Vintage or Modcloth. Now, I was finally browsing their entire stock, and I was like a child in a candy store.

I’ve been on the hunt for comfortable high-waisted jeans for a while. I have a short waist, so wide or firm waistbands aren’t the most comfortable thing. I don’t quite mind a little discomfort in the name of fashion but I really needed a good pair of lounging around the house denim.

these Kristy Denim Jeans are a dream!!!

img_4624_editedimg_4628_editedJeans and top by Collectif

Collectif also makes really comfortable sweaters (or as they call them, jumpers). They are high quality and look even more amazing in person. I bought two in this style, but all of the styles I have are just as cozy.pre-2-8-4_editedJeans and top by Collectif

Shipping directly from Collectif is a little strange if you aren’t familiar with customs. I’ve bought a few things from across the ocean but none of them needed to go to customs. Apparently there are two customs locations that my packages would go to, Chicago, and NY. My first package ended up in Chicago – and sat there for 24 days. I had no idea what was going on, Royal Mail only tracks within the country and USPS was of no help as usual… its a shame it took so long because Collectif had it packaged up and ready to go within a couple days. I placed another order with Collecif recently, and for whatever reason its going through NY. I placed this order last week and its out for delivery today. Needless to say, I hope all your shipments come through NY! Happy shopping!

❤ Kara Rexx


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