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Pas de plans pour paris

Paris is jut one of those places I have no desire to ever visit. I may end up there one day for the sake of going, but when I think of traveling the world, it’s never on my list. I consider myself a foodie and I’ve never been interested in French cuisine. I’m not a big bread eater, so pastries and such aren’t important to me. I haven’t seen a recipe for anything worth making. I’m not dumping on Paris, if you love it or long to go there, then good on ya. I’d rather eat Thai food 🙂 Yes, I base my travel decisions on what I’m going to consume.

So, since I care not for France, I never considered owning these Pinup Girl Clothing cropped trousers in Paris print. They are gorgeous however, and thanks to the lovely color pallet the styling options are endless!!! I needed more pants that fit me for Spring, so I splurged and bought a few pairs including these. I.am.inlove.

img_4511Trousers and top by pinup girl clothing

img_4517my favorite part of the Paris Print

This is the Harley top. I’ve wanted a few for a while, but when I was a size medium the large was too tight in the bust and too baggy in the stomach and it seemed like too much hassle to get the fit right. Now that I’m a solid size 12, the XL fits me perfectly. As with a bunch of PUG tops, you can go bra less with this baby!


Who knows, I may end up in Paris and love it as much as I love these trousers. Crepes sure do sound good!!!
– Kara Rexx



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