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On the hunt for pretty things…

Its been a while since I’ve gotten to go to an antique or peddlers mall. I finally talked the fiancee in to it, reminding him that we go to toy and music stores alllll the time 🙂  I’ve been looking for a pill case (I lose them all the time and I’m too scared to use my vintage mother of pearl one!!!) and some vintage glasses. I’ve had a really hard time finding glasses, none of our vintage shops carry any that appeal to me and have very few in stock to begin with. I’ve fallen in love with several 50s cat eye glasses in gold on Etsy, but I don’t know what size I need, and they all sound way too small. I’m going to the optometrist soon to get fitted, and hopefully I find the pair of my dreams.

img_4438Outfit by collectif, shoes are by Bait, purse is vintage. 

I did however find a pill case. Ok, its not really a pill case. I saw it in the display window and thought it was, when I found out it was a locket, I thought maybe it was big enough for a couple pills and if so, I’ll just snip off the top and use it as a pill case. IMG_4465.JPG

I also found a really beautiful silver compact, its so tiny but in perfect condition, it just needs to be cleaned. It still has powder in it!!!

Lastly, I found this amazing beaded shell purse! It’s in perfect condition, I’m not sure when its from, but I’m in love with it!



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