First Pair of Dungarees Since the 80s

I never thought I’d wear dungarees or overalls ever again in my life. The last time I wore them was when my mother dressed me as a child, lol! But I’ve been checking these ones out for a while since I saw them on a woman I follow on Instagram. I wanted to pull off her look by wearing them with a cute sweater, and I thought they would be perfect for winter and fall. Collectif was having a massive sale (50% off!!!) So I figured what the hell, and purchased them along with a bunch of other goodies!

Denise Dungarees and Chrissie striped jumper by collectif

These Dungarees look and fit as advertised. I was happy to find that they weren’t too long on my torso, nor too short on my ankles… which is a problem I frequently have. They are very comfortable on a casual day, and I cant wait to style them with other tops and accessories. These are probably the only Dungarees I’ll ever own!

Till next time
❤ Kara-Rexx

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