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Swinging outside my comfort zone… 

I’ve avoided swing pants since I began this retro life style. I felt like I would be digressing in to my teenage-skater-girl -wanna-be self (Jinkos anyone?!). Or sadly rehashing the unmentionable time in my early twenties where I’d kill for a good pair of bellbottoms. Wide leg pants?! Sounds like a step in the wrong direction.
I have a hard time finding fitted pants long enough for me. Cigarette pants might as well be pedal pushers or capris. I’m in the middle of my 3rd actual winter here in KY, and I feel like I’ve been under prepared each one until now. Swing pants piqued my interest when I realized I’d be able to LAYER with them!!! (again, I’m still relatively new to this winter thing…). I have a little problem though, they are all too baggie know the crotch area. And I don’t wear heels very often so every pair I’ve bought drag the ground. I will get around to hemming them but for now, here is my review on a few pairs of swing pants I bought during black Friday. Lets start with the Hellbunny Vixen line.

I absolutely love Houndstooth. I’ve wanted a pair of pants in this pattern for so long, but couldn’t quite find the style. These pants looked absolutely amazing online so I figured I’d give them a chance. These pants are comfortable, but  they are a bit wider and baggie than expected. However, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are honestly that comfortable and the quality is top notch (which I’ve come to expect from Hell Bunny). I got them on sale from Unique Vintage  but the normal price point is average compared to most pants of this style.

Hell Bunny Retro Style Houndstooth High Waist Wide Leg Jackson Trouser Pants, top by Collectif. 

The next pair is a different design, but essentially the same thing as the Jackson trousers with a better fit and not so baggie.

Hell Bunny Retro Style Burgundy Red High Waist Hubertine Wide Leg Pants, top by Pinup girl Clothing

These pants are also from Hellbunny, however, I purchased the same size as the previous two and they were easily a size too big in the waist.  Beyond the sizing issue (which Hellbunny has always run large for me).. they are essentially the same as the previous two.

Hell Bunny Retro Beige High Waist Wide Leg Honey Bear Pants, sweater thrifted. 

These pants are from the Banned Dancing Days line. I only have an item or two from them, and these pants make me curious about the rest of their line. These pants are comfortable, though a bit thin, which is to be expected with crepe material. the length of these pants is a little more reasonable, I can pull them off with shoes only an inch or two high.

 Banned 1940s Navy High Waist Crepe Full Moon Sailor Pants, top unknown

The next two pairs are easily my favorite pants and make me a lot more confident about pulling off the style. The first ones are from a brand called Hot and Delicious (which is the same designer who created the most amazing skirt “breathtaking Lilly Midi Skirt”… as Modcloth calls it, read about it here). These pants are so comfortable, light weight and very breathable. And just like their skirts, they have an elastic back!!! They are barely too long.

Every Opportunity Pants in Black, top by Heart of Haute. 

These last pants, are absolutely my favorite swing pants… if not some of my favorite pants in general. These were a manageable length as well, and the fit is amazing as they have an elastic back as well. They are comfortable and a nice thicker material and perfect for layering.

Care to Converse? Pants, top thrifted. 

So far, I’m still outside my comfort zone with these pants being so baggie, but I think I’ll be purchasing a few more pairs of swing pants. They will come in handy during fall and spring, and are great for layering. Stay tuned for more reviews on swing pants.

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